Can't upload eyefinity videos to youtube in fullscreen?

Hey! Heres my problem, every time I watch an Eyefinity video, there are black bars at the top and bottom, I was wondering how to fix that? As in make it fullscreen instead of having the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. So I am having second thoughts about buying 2 other monitors for Eyefinity if I can't upload in full screen.... A fix would be nice...
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  1. Youtube player doesn't support eyefinity so will always play on just one screen. But there are browser plugins to maximize it across all screens or to the browser window. Also the max upload res is 4096x3072 though it is currently downsized to 2k when being viewed.
  2. Does a Capture Card record it in fullscreen without the black bars at the top and bottom?
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    Anything will record it correctly, but the youtube player will not play across all screens thus adding the bars to fit the aspect ratio of one screen. The bars are not on the video itself, it's just a blank area.
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