CPU Temp way too high!

I'm running an asrock g31m-s with an e6600 processor with stock fan running at 74C-79C idle!

I cleaned the heatsink before adding paste and put as much pressure as I could on the pins without damaging my motherboard but this temp is way too high.. Is there a reason and a solution?

I also believe this may be the reason for my computer turning off suddenly for no reason without showing a blue screen or error message.
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    yeap, most of the time if system goes above 80, it shuts down.
    I don't know about applying the thermal paste but you can buy a cheap aftermarket cooler.
  2. Yes, it probably is why you have instant shutdowns, the CPU shuts down when it hits its thermal limit.

    Is this a new issue (I would guess so)? What was done since the CPU was running without problems?

    Did you apply a very thin layer of paste? Is the CPU fan actually running at a reasonable speed?

    It is not a matter of applying as much pressure as you can, but the spec amount of pressure that a proper heatsink attachment will provide. With the stock Intel fans it requires pushing down the pins and turning the corner "screws."

    You may need to get a different heatsink if that one is not able to attach correctly to cool the CPU. There is of course a possibility that there is a defect in the CPU that has developed.
  3. 1. just check u have connected to CPU_FAN header

    2. i would advoce u to reinstall the cooler after cleaning the paste by isopropyl solution and then applying a small rice grain size of thermal paste at the centre of the cpu

    3. if it doesnt works get a new cpu cooler
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