AMD Replaced w/AMD (Windows 7 Won't Boot)

I recently messed up my processor. I was vacuuming out the case and I pulled up the “heat sink”, which pulled up the pins on my processor. Little did I know that that was bad news! I put the heat sink back down (after vacuuming it out) and the pins got bent on my processor. “Well, let’s just straighten them out!” I thought. Anyway, in between straightening out the pins and repositioning the heat sink, I broke the processor! Yes, that’s right! And it had an excellent seal on the processor because it’s now in two pieces: one with pins and one on the heat sink. Oh well, time to get a new processor and heat sink!
Here’s what I have:
Gateway GT5692 w/Windows 7 Home Premium (Which I upgraded from Windows Vista) 4006272RFoxconn(Bengal) RS780 Motherboard AMD Phenom 8450 Triple-Core Processor (Which I broke!) A different processor, an AMD Phenom that’s the same processor.
A new heat sink (with the sealant on it)
I carefully put in the processor according to several rules on Youtube videos. It seemed to go just fine. Then I put in the heat sink fan and plugged it in. Then I tried to boot up this PC. It goes to the point of booting up windows 7, but no go. I can boot in safe mode, but I get the same blue screens when I try booting up that way.

So I’m wondering, could this be because I was originally in 64bit mode and this processor may have come from a PC in 32bit mode? If so, how do I change it? Or, am I wrong?

I’d appreciate any help.
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  1. it is the same Phenom 8450?
  2. did you clean off the contact patch of the cooler and apply fresh thermal paste when installing the new CPU?
  3. It is not the same processor. It's a different processor (used) from some vendor at Amazon. And no, I didn't apply any paste to the cooler or the CPU. I just used what was there.
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