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hi all :) i'm very new to building PC's and having browsed around i was wondering what (budget) motherboard would be suitable for my theoretical build

graphics card - 650ti boost

cpu - AMD FX-8320 (link not working) (£107.99)

i was hoping to SLI in the future when funds are more available
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  2. wow! that was quick, thanks :)
  3. No problem, I'm here for that sir !
  4. by the way would you reccomend the setup im going for?
  5. It would help if you would show your entire setup, sir, for that question.
  6. DO not SLI! It is not worth it with it unless you want to game on 3 monitors. Plan to game with 1 GPU. 2 GPUs causes microstuttering which is annoying when gaming. You're better off with 1 GPU. If you need to upgrade then sell your old one and get a new one.

    8320 is great. Overclock it with a Cooler Master Evo. What's your mobo?
  7. Ah ok, ill keep that in mind when upgrading, would you still reccomend the 650ti boost for someone on a tight budget.

    i don't have any components yet. armed with approximately £400 my goal is to build the best value gaming PC i can
  8. The 650 ti boost is the best choice for $130 or aroundish.
  9. For a "budget" build the 650ti Boost is awesome. Very good GPU for the price. I highly highly recommend it.
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