Frequent Black screen freezes, system shutdowns using GTX 460

My GTX 460 started having stability issues while using 3D aplications/games about a year after purchase. To avoid further problems, I downclocked the card and turned down the recommended graphics settings for games.

Recently my system began having frequent system stability issues and sent my card in for RMA to have it repaired. GIGABYTE said the card was tested in two systems with no problems. After receiving my card back from RMA, I am still experiencing the same problems. Over the period of about six hours, my system has frozen four or five times with no 3D application or game running.

I have also experienced mouse pointer lag and corruption (the NVIDIA forums indicated that this may be caused by a driver problem)

Running the Furmark burn-in 1620x1080 causes system shutdown when the card gets to about 75°C.

I completely removed the driver software using Driver Sweeper (which removes registry entries as well), removed the profile settings for the card and cleanly re-installed the driver but my system still freezes.

Running my system with the Radeon GPU I have not experienced any of the above problems.

I also tested the gtx 460 in another system (PCIE gen 1 slot) using the same driver but didn't have any problems.

I ran the Furmark burn-in at 1920x1080 and the normal stress test on a Supermicro X7DAE+ motherboard with a Xeon processor. The temperature leveled out at 77 degrees Celsius and there were no crashes or freezing.

I am still experiencing random black-screen freezing with the GPU in the original system. The Furmark burn-in at 1920x1080 caused an instant system shutdown.

I ran memtest86 for 1 pass with no problems.
The virus scanner reported no infections.
Windows 7 hasn't produced a minidump for any of the crashes/freezes, so it seems that there isn't a sharing conflict or conflict with another driver.
I updated the motherboard drivers.

In this thread, someone with different motherboard and GPU mentioned disabling the higher generation PCIE in the bios solved their problem.,9144.0.html
My bios settings don't have a way to disable the PCIE gen 2, so I am unable to check whether that would solve the problem.

In this thread, someone with the same GPU experienced freezing because of a driver conflict with Realktek HD Audio drivers (which I also have installed on my system). They were able to analyze the minidumps written out by WIndows 7. However, my system hasn't written out a dump.

Since the card seems to be okay in other systems, I am wondering if you have any suggestions on what to check for next to isolate the problem.
GTX 460 GV-N460OC-1GI rev1.0

600 watt PSU
Rosewill RP 600 V2-S-SL model # AP-650 F 12 V

Intel i7 920 2.67 GHz

Kuroshio G03-BI600-F

320.49 WHQL
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  1. what "RADEON" card did you test?
  2. karan28 said:
    what "RADEON" card did you test?

    The other card is a Radeon X1950
  3. I dont think thats the right card to test. Quite old.
    If your friend has a new gen card, you should borrow and test.
    Are you sure your PSU is delivering good power ?

    After verifying these, you can try the card with fresh OS. If you have another HDD you can install on that and test. Or you can install in a different partition and delete later.
  4. I'm guessing it's a hardware problem with the motherboard or the GTX 460, although I'm not sure. Other threads I've read mentioned a conflict with the Realtek audio driver but it seems like removing the NVIDIA audio drivers would resolve that.

    I tried replacing the power supply on my system but still experienced freezing. I also tried a clean install of windows but also experienced the same problems.

    I ran the GTX 460 in the other PCIE gen 1 system overnight with no problems.

    After I did all that, I tried running the card on my system again and removed all the NVIDIA drivers except for the display. That seemed to help somewhat because I was able to run the windowed burn-in test for 6 hours straight. I then was using the system normally until tonight when I was away from the computer for a short time and came back to find it frozen with a black screen (tapping numlock had no LED response).

    I also ran the system with a GTS 8800 with no problems, but I don't have a gen 2 card.
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