Intermittent slow internet on one computer in wireless network - please help

Can someone offer some input? My son has a brand new desktop gaming PC with good specs that is connected wirelessly (he has an internal wireless adapter card.) We also have a new dual band Linksys router that we purchased within the last month with good specs. At least every couple of days - sometimes more frequently - he will be in the middle of playing his online game and Skyping with friends when his internet will lose speed, his game will freeze, and the Skype call will either drop or get very poor. His speed test results show very poor download speeds and ping for at least 1/2 hour or longer before his computer recovers enough to play decently again. In the meantime, I can bring my laptop - which is connected to the same network - into his room and my speed test results are perfectly fine. While this is all happening, his wireless signal stays at 5 bars and doesn't lose connection, and the modem and router lights are fine, not blinking or showing any signs of issues. The ISP (Comcast) has not found any issues with our signal. Can someone give me any idea as to why this might be happening/what to try? It's getting very frustrating. Thanks in advance.
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    First I do not recommend online game on wireless because it is not stable.
    What anti-virus are you using. Shut down any utorrent, fuse, frostwire ect programs.

    If you have a usb wireless card you can do test with that instead.
    Also, maybe the laptop is overheating from games, monitor the temperatures. (coretemp, speedfan)
    Check for viruses with malware bytes, adwcleaner, and roguekiller.
  2. Thanks for responding! He uses Norton Internet Security. This is a desktop connected wirelessly, not a laptop. Yes, I have heard that wireless online gaming is not recommended, but my son had previously been using a wireless laptop for his online gaming in the same location in the home and it had been working fine. Yes, we do have a USB wireless card so I will test it out - I need to disable the internal wireless card card first, correct? We did test the machine with Norton & Malwarebytes & Eset scanner & it came back clean. I hope it's not overheating as it's new and was supposedly built for gaming.
  3. Also what are utorrent, fuse, frostwire? He does most of his downloading from Steam - although he does use a few other sites - could this be an issue? Thanks again.
  4. Purchased a new USB wireless adapter for his pc and his speed literally tripled. So far so good, his computer hasn't acted up for almost a week. Fingers crossed this resolved the issue. (Having another problem with my smart phone wifi but that is for another thread.)
  5. I haven't yet figured out how it happened but a few weeks ago my sons pc suddenly could not get better than 2MB download speeds from our router. all the other devices (pc, laptop, tablet, tv etc) could get 16 to 18 which was what we were expecting...
    to make a long story short.
    The problem was resolved by re-installing the PCI wireless card utility and configuring the connection directly through the utility rather than with windows 8 network configuration. same network, same card, same driver, same key/access code etc. and now it's up from 2 MB to 16 MB... still a mystery. maybe someone will explain the "why" to me but at least it's working correctly now.
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