Mysterious thing that plugs into mic port and lights up

When I bought my computer a few years ago, there was a strange object that came with it, there was nothing that said what it was, so i was not able to get a proper answer on google. The link below shows a picture of the mysterious item.
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  1. It appears to be an antenna but I won't swear to that - does the computer have built in radio or TV?
  2. looks like an IR reciever. It should plug into a TV tuner card or such.
  3. i think that when we bought the computer it did have tv, becuase i remember watching tv on it. i do not know if this means anything but the computer was a media center pc, so i think you are correct.
    but now, the only thing i am wondering about is how i use the antenna with my computer
    Thanks so much!!! =D
  4. i have one more question, where do i plug it in?
    the antenna input/output does not seem to match
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    It's not an antenna, it's either an IR reciever to use your universal remote to control TV through the card OR an IR blaster, which would send a signal to say a digital cable box to change the channel on the cable box and then it would pump into the TV card.

    There is no use for it now if you haven't used it in years.
  6. There may be a port for it on the back of your computer, might have a symbol like 0))) or IR next to it
  7. the remote ir reciever is bigger for my computer.
    and is this the port ((o)) except flipped sideways so that it is vertical?
    when i plugged the ir reciever into the input and the output nothing happens. the light only turns on when plugged into a mic port
  8. Likely it will only flash as it receives a signal - did your computer come with an IR remote? Try it and see if there isn't activity - if the remote works already you don't need that, it's basically an extension
  9. The remote that came with my computer came with a sensor, but ok i will try
    Thank you for all the help :)
  10. If it lights up, it's an IR blaster as it needs to send or transmit. Mic ports on a PC can provide small amounts of power to boost or amplify the mic, and sends a bit of power down the line. the amount of power the light needs vs what is sent, you could fry the thing.
  11. so what do i do with it?
    as in like how do i use it?
    Thanks for the info
  12. just googled ir blaster, your right it is an ir blaster, the only question is how to use it
  13. fchung0712 said:
    just googled ir blaster, your right it is an ir blaster, the only question is how to use it

    Google the manual for your PC and find out? We can't tell you how to use something for a computer we don't know the model of. It probably worked with the TV tuner card and that's where it plugged in at, so if there is no TV card anymore, probably can't use it.
  14. i figured out where the ir blaster goes, it goes into the reciever for my remote
    Thanks for the help if it were not for you guys, i would have never known this :)
  15. Good stuff. Pick a best answer and mark it as solved.
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