Corsair 500r with h100i as Intake: 1 exhaust fan enough?

I am going to put an h100i into a corsair 500r case

I'll be removing the top hdd bay so one of the intake fans on the front is unrestricted in blowing air over the gpu area. It also has a side 200mm intake. I'm going to mount the h100i on top. It has one exhaust fan in the back of the case. Is that enough? Or should I make the h100i an exhaust?
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  1. Personally, I would want to make the H100i an exhaust
  2. C12Friedman said:
    Personally, I would want to make the H100i an exhaust

    Any reason for that? My common sense says to make it an exhaust also, but I've heard that may not be optimal. Either way will probably work, just curious why people would choose one over the other.
  3. Basically to avoid dumping heated air into the case plus it appears you have plenty of intake
  4. Best answer
    I would make everything a intake, and the back fan an exhaust, but it has to be able to push air like this boss right here
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