HDMI 5m works , but has green lines when I add a 1.5m extention

So here is the situation:

HDMI 5m + extention 1.5m = green lines all over screen
HDMI 1.5m + extention 1.5m = works
HDMI 5m = works

What is the problem?
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    Likely, it is signal loss on the longest combination (5m+1.5m) because of the connector. A single, longer cable should do the trick.
  2. The problem is the length and the extension chord.
  3. I'd save some money and get a longer cable they Monoprice. Had great results with them.
  4. 7.5m worked, thx!
  5. Oh my god.

    So, I used my new 7.5m cable happily, then I replaced my 4850 with 7950 3gb card. Now my 7.5m cable doesn't work any more. Tested it with my laptop, also doesn't work.

    My 7.5 cable ONLY worked with my old card. WHAT THE HELL :(
  6. You may need to reload the hdmi drivers.
  7. I tried installing drivers again while HDMI cable was connected, nothing. TV is visible on my PC as one of my screens now, but doesn't get the signal at all (displays no signal on TV).
  8. Returned all cables to the store for a full refund :) .

    Guys, do you know what can I do to KNOW that a certain cable will work at 7.5meters? Like, what should I look for in the cable specification?
  9. The shorter cables, with both GPUs worked properly?

    Also, what cable did you get (and returned)? Was is a bargain cable or a more expensive, more shielded cable?
  10. Yeah, shorter cables worked perfectly. I got a bargain cable xD
  11. I live in Serbia, so I can't use newegg. Can you tell me what to look for in a cable generally?
  12. I live in Serbia, so I can't use newegg. Can you tell me what to look for in a cable generally?
  13. Understood. You want a more heavily shielded cable than provided by the bargain bin cables. Gold connectors help as well for greater conductivity.
  14. Do you think something like this would work?
  15. Like what? Nothing was linked.
  16. There might be a problem with the site or something.
  17. Looks like a decent cable (at least the connectors). I am not sure about the braided cable though.
  18. @zivlaks, if nothing works try a Dual Link DVI cable. BTW what is the resolution of monitor/tv ?
  19. I tried with 2 TVs, both 720p and 1080p , and I never sent the TV a bigger resolution than it could handle.
  20. Do you know one thing that HDMI cables are unable to display correctly a resolution on 1080i/p or beyond. So the best bet is a DL DVI cable.
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