Very High Temps on HD 7970 (watercooled)

I recently just upgraded my watercooling loop, and would you believe it, my GPU temps have gone up XDD.

Previously I was running a 360 Rad + GPU block + CPU block + X20 750 Pump/Res Combo.
Now I am running a 360 Rad + 120 Rad + 140 Rad + GPU block + CPU block + Tube Res + Laing D5 Pump.

My graphics card temps were not an issue at all previously ( I can't even remember checking them, but I think they were around 50 tops)... Now they are reaching near 100C temps!!!

I think the problem is that not all the water is flowing into the block (Im using a XSPC 7970 Razor (old style)). What I did differently this time was to use the wb's connectors in parallel. I.E. One is directly above the other, so I'm thinking the water is just flowing through without going into the block (previously they were side by side, so the water would be spread over block)...
Do you guys think this is the problem?
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    That's exactly what it sounds like to me. Your input/output should be opposite each other on a single card block...otherwise, you're simply running the water straight through the same port and out the other side.
  2. Thank you very much Rubix for the response, I shall try to modify my loop without draining it if possible ^^ XD (wish me luck, gonna need a hell loada paper towels). I'll select your answer as best after the modification, just in case its actually something else causing the problem!!
  3. Sure thing...without seeing the setup directly or any additional info, this would be my guess. Since it's a single GPU setup, you definitely want to use the I/O ports opposite one another; i.e. not directly above/below.
  4. Well I did the change, took a few days (as I needed to let shit dry, after water getting out on a few spots). Now my GPU temps are 40degC at load, tehehe :). Thanks very much Rubix, selected you as the best answer.
  5. Good to hear you got it sorted out...glad to help.
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