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This is quite a quick question, if i were to have say a 4k wallpaper and I set it as my wallpaper even though my monitors max resolution is 1080p would the image look better if i resized it to 1080p or left it at its original resolution?

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    You will want to pick "fit to screen" otherwise you will only see about a quarter of the picture. It will not shrink to fit on your screen if you pick "center"; you will only see a 1920x1080 box out of the center of the screen. Make sense?

    Looks like I missed your question entirely. It shouldn't make any difference. Just pick fit to screen and set it a your background.
  2. Windows will resize the wallpaper to fit your screen, but it has to load up that 4k image first. It will probably look "ok" if you let windows resize it. This also takes a little time and some memory.

    But if you load it into your favorite image editing app and resize it yourself, it will probably look better, plus windows wont have to use up memory and time to resize it.

    Try both ways and pick the one you like.
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