Ati radeon HD 7750 Gigabyte OC edition Coil Whining "solved" ??

Hello guys!
I just bought an ati radeon hd 7750 oc edition and was getting the coil whine problem only in game menus and i was searching the internet for a possible solution and found a way to..eliminate it.I didn't searched the forum to see if was already known the solution or anything because my question is another one.
I used msi afterburner to limit my FPS in intro movies in games and game menu...from...4000-5000fps in Alan Wake and Setlers and Homeworld 2 i set it to 130 fps and no coil whine at all no suspicious noises..
My question is : this operation will/will not damage/create problems/errors or anything like this if i keep it this way ?
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    No it will be fine. There is no reason to pump out framerate that high anyway.
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