intel atom d525mw with intel wm3945abg not working, device manager spitting out error code 10

i recently decided to put an atom mobo i had lying around to work as a htpc, and bought a cheap NIC off ebay to use it with, problem is it isnt working, not on windows, not on any other OS.

device manager spits out error code 10, but ive no idea what could be causing it.
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  1. The Code 10 error pertains mainly to hardware and device driver issues or to compatibility issues between hardware drivers and additional software that is installed in Windows.

    In English, your drivers need updating for the motherboard chipset or/and nic.
  2. all drivers are up to date, and it doesnt work on several distributions of GNU/Linux either, hence why im confused

    is it possible that there could be a hardware fault on the mobo causing this?
  3. Talk to ebay seller, sounds duff.
  4. this is the second card ive been sent...
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