BenQ Monitors Selection Need Help

I am looking to buy new Benq Monitors 24 inch

i have 3 monitors in my mind 1st is BenQ GL2450HM

2nd is BenQ RL2450H 24 inch
link -

and 3rd is BenQ GW2450 24
link -

please tell me which i should get for gaming ?
also like to tell that 1st and 2nd model has 2 gtg responce time. which i compare to 3rd gw2450 has 12 ms responce time and 4ms gtg responce.

so which is better. coz i heard that low responce time is better for gaming.
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    i would say go with the RL2450H for the simple fact that it is designed for gaming. but if your not into "hardcore" like CoD and stuff and you just want to watch youtube, movies, and surf the web then go with the GL2450HM. and also the GL model would have a better image for watching movies and general stuff like that. because with gaming its not all about the "look" its about the win and BenQ have designed the RL model for that reason alone.
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