DNS Router conflict of domain name with LAN server external server?


I have an undocumented LAN and have a theory of why i cannot connect a PC's on a LAN to a company website.

Every so often if i wanted to view company.com as a web server outside the LAN with cpanel etc. The computer cannot connect, however if i do a DNS flush I can then view the server.

I think the reason i cannot see the server as it has the same domain name ie Company.com on the LAN for Win2k8 and for hosting the company website.

I think it maybe because the DNS resolution is not on a different server, so the server just excepts the request? Maybe the server is connected to the router(directly) and not the switch which would read only the data link layer, then pass the packet on to the router as the default gateway to forward to the external ISP to find the external company server.

I am really out of touch with networking and I am starting a course soon, however i would appreciate your input.


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  1. so does the server that is hosting the domain also host the website you are attempting to connect to that has the same domain name?

    if not then you need to change the local domain name or change the DNS record on the server to point to the ip address of the website with the same domain name and change the servers name to something else.
  2. No the website is not hosted on the domain does not host the website.
  3. then you want to go on the domain controller or whichever computer is hosting the DNS server for the domain and change the DNS record in the forward lookup zone to point to the ip address for the website with that domain instead of the domain server.
  4. Do you know how to edit this as a guide I do not have a sandbox environment up yet.I do not want to make a mistake. Sorry i need to be spoon fed it has been along day at work lolz. I guess I can look it up on my break. Also if your certified in networking can you recommend a learning provider?

    Cheers your the boss!
  5. i am self taught my friend so i cant help you there, just look for server 2008 DNS configuration tutorials.
  6. Nice, are you in the networking industry? Alot of people say it is better to focus on getting experience than qualification? I am lucky I am gonna be getting both hopefully. Do you have any specific sources you use to keep up to date(other than toms hardware ;))?
  7. no i pretty much browse a lot and just tinker, get a few VM's on your own pc and just play with windows server.

    i dont work in the industry atm i am in college taking sciences and math but done a few server installs while running cable and setting up networks for offices and voip setups.
  8. Nice, I have VBox and server installed just have not had time yet. Cheers for your input. I will label this as solved when and if it does. Along with solution steps
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