Should I upgrade/what kind of an OC can I get

On my build I'm currently using a hyper 12 evo, i5 4670k, asus GTX 770 and a 750 watt gold PSU. What I was wondering what kind of an OC can I get with this build? I want the machine to last 3+ years so I was thinking a lower overclock like 4.0-4.2. Would that be possible for my current design? I'm willing to buy more fans. My case already has 3 120mm fans on it. Also would it be possible for me to get a higher overclock and still last that 3-5 year range. Also here is a little more about my build:
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    heres a better build

    -upgraded the CPU cooler
    -dont need such a high end board
    -fast ram is useless
    -cheaper SSD that is just as good
    -no need for a black drive
    -better 770
    -better case

    a 4ghz is pretty easy. all the boards out there can handle pretty much whatever air based overclocking you can throw at it. the havik 140 cooler should be able to handle 4.4 with ease. depends on how lucky you strike with the chip
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