Microsoft Office 2003: “User Interface and Help” tab is missing in "Language Settings” box


I understand from this forum that Microsoft Office 2003 is not fully compatible with Windows 8 but I will ask my question nonetheless. As background, note that I successfully installed the Hebrew-language version of Microsoft Office 2003 onto my computer. (My computer is running the English version of Windows 8.) All required functions are working well in Microsoft Word 2003, and I can easily switch between English and Hebrew when inputting text into Word.

However the User Interface of all the Microsoft Office 2003 programs are in the Hebrew language and I would like to have the User Interface (including the Menus and Dialog Boxes) appear in English. (Note that all non-Microsoft Office programs have their User Interface, Menus, Dialog Boxes, etc. in English.)

When I go to the “Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings” Box (which, by the way, appears completely in Hebrew) I would have expected to see the typical three (3) tabs: “User Interface and Help”, “Enabled Languages” and “About Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings”. When I was running Windows XP I would simply go into the first tab “User Interface and Help” and choose 'English' in the drop-down boxes for "Display Office 2003" and "Display Help"...and my problem was solved.

UNFORTUNATELY in the current situation I see only two tabs in the Microsoft Office 2003 "Language Settings” Box, and the first tab (“User Interface and Help”) has simply disappeared from the box. Therefore I am unable to change the "User Interface and Help" language back to English. (Again, the entire “Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings” box and all tabs presently appear completely in the Hebrew language.)

For better or worse, after installing the Hebrew version of Microsoft Office 2003 I did install the Hebrew Language Pack from "Control Panel >> Language Options". Also note that in the "Control Panel >> Language" section, English is at the top of the list as the "Primary Language".

Therefore does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can get this missing tab back, i.e. the tab that says “User Interface and Help” within the Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings Box?

Much thanks.

Rev. Matthew Burke
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    There's a faint possibility the Compatibility Pack for Office 2003 might solve your problem, it's useful for reading later versions of *.doc anyway...
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