Questions about college wattage limitations and power supplies~

So my college let me know that a 600w microwave would be as high as you could go in terms of that specific appliance. How about power supplies? Would a 750w be too much? I don't think I ever push it to its limit, considering the total load of all of my parts is somewhere around 300w-400w or something, but..hey.

Just kind of confused. :c Thanks!

The current power supply I own is a AX750.
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  1. Your computer will only draw what power it needs.You will be fine.
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    Power supplies ONLY draw power that the components NEED plus the efficiency facter. So for example a PSU that is 90% efficient and needs to draw 500W to power the system, it will draw 550w (500W + 10%) from the wall.

    So if your components only require 400W, you are drawing not much more than that with the amazing efficiency of the AX series, so no issues.
  3. Awesome, thanks. ^_^ I figured it was going to be something like that, but I was worried I was going to have to buy a lower wattage power supply or something, lol.

  4. No problem. :)
  5. No , your system , will only take what it needs.

    Enjoy college.
  6. The efficiency of the AX750 is around 90% for a system power draw between 300W and 400W. That would translate to 333W to 444W at the AC outlet.
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