PC Self restarting during games

HI all, i got an issue on a new build i made and its driving me insane. So i recently got a whole new PC apart from ram and CPU as they were easy to save from old PC. im now running

CPU - Intel Core i5-2500K 3.30GHz
CPU Cooler - Akasa Venom CPU Cooler
Mobo - MSI B75A-G43
Ram - 8GB DDR3 Mushkin
GPU - XFX 7870 2gb DD Twin Fan
PSU - 650W XFX Pro XXX Edition
Case - Zalman Z5

The issue im having is when im in a game lets say Sleeping dogs as its what im currently playing, i can play for about 30mins and i watch my GPU temps go to almost 90 degree's and then PC just "poof" and turns itself off. i know its probs a heating issue somewhere.. but.. is it my mobo doing the restart to proctect itself or what, i am running 2x 1920x1080 screens but i cant see this as a massive issue. i made the system in june this year and im already working on a new build unless i can get this issue solved. Thank you for reading and i hope someone out there can point me in right direction.
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    Most likely your GPU due to the overheating. Try improving airflow, adding fans.

    Spontaneous restarting can also be a faulty PSU
  2. Iv got so many fans aiming at the GPU :( could be a PSU issue aswell yeah.. might try getting a house fan aimed at my GPU and see what happens :P
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