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I've got an i5-4670K and GTX770 with DXTORY for recording games at 1920x1080 to SSD. However I'm still getting very low FPS when I hit the record button. What are my options to Spode this process up?
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    It can be a lot of things....

    You can turn down some eye candy to reduce overhead in the graphics rendering.(game-play)
    Always record to a drive other than your system drive or separate RAID'd volume.
    You can record at lower resolution and re-render to higher resolution in editing.
    Lower your memory overhead by killing all non-essential processes.
    Keep all auto-updating of apps turned off.
    Disable all antivirus software any anti-malware apps with active scanning.

    I use Fraps(licensed) and recording at that resolution or better is very taxing on hardware, some games more than others.
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