Z87 Sabertooth Thermal Armor + Tape Question

I have a cord that can't be routed behind my case and I don't want it swinging free. I was wondering if anyone knew if it's fine to tape a cable to the plastic thermal armor covering the board? I was planning on taping it right above the i/o ports. It seems like a good solution, but I want other opinions.
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  1. It's should be okay, but it will probably look ugly.
  2. IMetJesus said:
    It's should be okay, but it will probably look ugly.

    What he said.

    Can´t just get an extension cable or something?
  3. the one i got wouldnt fit for some odd reason. i checked the part that was supposed to plug in against one of my other power cables with the same connection and the 2 had different looking connections (different arrangements of those square/half-circle pin holes)

    this is the one i bought:
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