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Hey guys of TH I am looking into building a new pc and I have a few questions. First I wanted to know if I should go with air cooled or liquid cooling. I plan on getting a i7-4770k as we'll as 16g vengeance ram with 2 way sli gtx 780. I am also looking to oc them for games and I wana know what kinds of temps I might see with air vs liquid on the gpu's I am not to worryed about CPU probs won't oc the CPU. Would i really see a big fps boost with sli or not?but thanks for any help!!!
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    The difference that you will see with SLI depends on games. Some run it better than others. For some games it does a big difference, for others it is worse than having only one card. But for most you'll see an interesting FPS boost.
    Air cooling is good for entry-level, and mid-range overclocking.
    With liquid cooling you can get one step higher.
    With water cooling, everything will depend on your budget. Can range from $150 to... some crazy astronomic prices.
  2. Ya see cause I can't decide if I should go gtx 780 hydro and just liquid cool or do the normal
    Gtx780 I just want lower temps like 65 70 or lower but dont know if air could get me there with overclocking to
  3. It all depends on what kind of overclock you want to reach.
  4. Idk not like full out max but middle level I guess little higher maybe I jut want to maintain 90-100 fps lol in bf3-4 type games if I can
  5. Some good air cooling should be enough for you.
  6. Ok cool do you have and good recommendation on fans,cases. I wana buy the obsidian 900d prob overkill but that case so big could last for ever and allows for expansion
  7. Noctua makes awesome fans. And I think that the 900D would be a good investment.
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