IE 11 "has stopped working" bogus msg - how to stop?

w8.1pre 32bit. IE11 - how can I stop the irritating msg every time I quit IE11 - "this program has stopped working (windows is looking for solution..." ? I tried resetting IE by using the option "reset", which did not reset - the addons which should have disappeared on reboot, were still there. Another workaround? Thank you.
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  1. Get Chrome and/or Firefox. Or Opera...
  2. Useful answers only please. The stock "try another browser" doesn't address the post. Tx.
  3. FF is meh. Nothing amazing. Chrome, tracks the crap out of you.

    As for the issue, I haven't seen one solution yet and I have looked. It might get fixed in a patch though as they just released a patch to fix the flickering in flash videos
  4. Probably a Windows error. Try to see if System File Checker will fix it for you
    Winkey plus 'X'
    Choose Command Prompt (Admin)
    Type sfc /scannow then Enter

    You could also try chkdsk
    At CMD Prompt
    Type chkdsk /f /r then Enter. (note spaces before /). Type Y and Enter to run the program when you restart Windows. Expect it to take a long time if you have a large drive. Use this to check out the chkdsk log
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