Will a G1 Socket CPU work in a G2 Socket motherboard?

I have a Lenovo X201 Tablet with a i7 620LM and I'm building a mini ITX computer for a project.

I've always wished I had a lower TDP processor in my laptop so I'm hoping I can use the i7 in my project computer and drop a i5 560UM in the laptop.

I forsee two problems. The first is that the CPU may be soldered into the laptop's motherboard, and the second is that even if I can remove the CPU, the mini ITX motherboard that I need to use is a Socket G2 and the CPUs I'm talking about are socket G1.

My ray of hope is that the socket G1 and G2 have the same pin count, however I'd like to get some better information before I start buying parts.

Edit: the specific motherboard I'm looking at is X9SCV-QV4
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    That states it does support i5 CPUs but the i7 is a BGA 1288 which means it is soldered onto the motherboard and not a removable CPU.

    Sorry but what it has is what its going to stay with.
  2. Ok, a Bit of a bummer to hear. I'm still looking to find if a G1 Socket CPU will work on a G2 Socket motherboard as I' need a Westmere generation of intel CPUs, but I'm hoping to use the specific motherboard.
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    There are some of them that can take them as long as they are the PGA988 G1/G2 sockets but as to which they will or wont is hard to say as it depends on the OEMs choice of CPUs. What they offer for each laptop model is normally what they will support.
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