Which is best Intel i7 3930K Overclocked to 4.6Ghz,4.8Ghz,Or 5Ghz,The Intel i7 4770K Overclocked to 5Ghz,(Rest under this)?

Wait for the Ivy Bridge-E CPUs,Or Wait for the new AMD FX CPUs?I'm gonna be using a single monitor,A 2560x14440 or 2560x1600 Monitor,This is for gaming,Gonna play on Ultra Settings,And I'm gonna play on 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 Resolution.I'm gonna be playing games like The Battlefield Series,The Far Cry Series,The Batman Series,The Grand Theft Auto Series,The Saints Row Series,The Mirrors Edge Series,The Resident Evil Series,The Mass Effect Series,The Bioshock Series,The Assasins Creed Series,The Hitman Series,The Medal Of Honor Series,The Elder Scrolls Series,And Other Big AAA Games.For the GPU/GPUs I'm using Dual GTX 780s (2 Way SLI GTX 780).The Specifactions are:I'm looking for a CPU that won't get hot and burn out (Even with Expensive Liquid Cooling Or Fan Cooling System,A CPU that will put all of those games on ultra settings,A CPU that the Ultra settings will last maybe a couple of years,A CPU that can handle 5Ghz,A CPU that when i overclock it to 5Ghz it won't burn out the Motherboard or GPUs,A CPU that will Fuction and work Properly for a long time,And A CPU that will Put any game on ultra settings and will put it over 60 FPS.
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  1. A 3770K would be your cheapest option, but your best/most high performance option is to wait for the Ivy-Bridge-E CPUs coming out next month. The 4930K is supposed to be priced at $400! It'll be well worth your wait!
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    For 99% of the games, cpu clock would hardly make a difference once you get beyond 4.5ghz. For my i7 3770k, anything beyond 4.3ghz makes no increase in gaming fps even lowers the fps at times. 5ghz is really way overkill for any gaming related task. It may help in cpu related tasks such as computing numbers of adobe cs5 but not for gaming. The only gpu that I could confidently recommend overclocking beyond 5ghz is the old sandy bridge i7 2600k cause of its superior thermal discharge.
    The newer ivy bridge or haswell don't overclock as well as the sandy cause they run hotter. You can still push a 3930k or 4770k to 5ghz but make sure you spend about 1k on high level custom kit such as the XSPC RASA kit. Not that 5ghz would help you in any way for gaming. You're better of spending more money for your graphic card and get a decent cpu to 4.5ghz range overclocking.
  3. I7 3930k is good for u and beats 4770k easily

    And IB-E cpu will be 5-10% more perfrming so not wrth the wait

    For 5ghz cpu o.c. U need a quality mobo like ROG extreme board and a custom loop and a high airflow case
  4. You can't OC 4770K that high.
  5. IMO, because of PCIe 3.0, IB-E is worth the wait. In fact, It should OC better according to rumors, and on top of that, the 10% gain on IPC.

    Haswell is a joke and wasn't worth waiting for, for any buyer. Too bad the z87 boards are pretty though...
  6. you'll never OC a 4770 to 5ghz unless you delid it and win the chip lottery with the chip you get. Chances are, unless you spend solid cash on your cpu cooling and delid it, it won't break 4.5ghz

    That said, there is a serious reason why no one really buys SB-E cpus unless they're getting one with MOAR CORZ. Its because the IPC of the SB-E are no higher then you'd get on a basic IB cpu at the same ghz. Of course the number of games with support for more then 4 cores is pretty small, which means; unless you feel the need to drop the cash on a 6 core cpu just to play Crysis3 on silly insane number of monitors, better then 1080p resolution, with your SLi'd titans, i'd say the Haswell i7-4770k is more then enough cpu for you in 99.9% of your daily life, as you'll never really see the difference.

    generally speaking CPUs are so powerful these days the difference between them is smaller then the difference between one teir of gpus and another. Which is a wordy way of saying, i'd get an i5, and spend the saved cash on a better gpu. as you'll see a bigger improvement, one you can actually see, by doing so.

    BTW: don't let the pci-e 3.0 vs 2.0 discusion confuse you. Unless they release a gpu that's 60% faster this fall then the titan, you won't see any gpus which can fully saturate a pci-e 2.0 x16 slot.
  7. Pcie 3.0 does not have much performance increase than pcie 2.0

    A 5-7% diff
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