Am I being bottlenecked?

I have a custom build, nothing huge, comprising of:
An i5 3550
8 GB of Kingston 1600 RAM
and two hard drives, my main being 10k RPM, all hooked to a Gigabyte UD5H motherboard. If it matters, I never really go above 50 degrees (Celsius) under load. Would my CPU or my GPU be bottlenecking me? I can't seem to have vsync off in some games without getting a framerate drop that seems worse than the vsync. I also notice that turning Vsync off and cranking up the settings helps, but it doesn't always work as well as having vsync on and using lower graphics settings. I haven't done any test to measure FPS, as it's just something I noticed after playing games for a while. I'm looking into a 770, but I want to make sure that it's not my CPU that's limiting me, as buying a better CPU would be cheaper.
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    A 3550 can easily combine with gtx 770
    No problems there
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