Computer restarts while playing Mass Effect 1

So I've tried playing Mass Effect 1 and both times the game restarted after about 5-10 minutes of playing it. I used Speed fan to check my computer's temperatures and nothing is over heating, everything is at around 40 degrees C right after the computer boots up again.

Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
AMD FX4130 quad core 3.8ghz
2x4gb of ddr3 1600 Gskill Ripjaws
sapphire radeon hd7770 1gb gddr5 (ghz edition I think)

If you need to know anything else about my computer just ask.
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  1. your system is more then enough computer to play that game. I suspect the problem is your tech is actually too new. From what i remember of ME1 it doesn't like more then 2 cores all that much. you might be able to get it to run better if you manually set it to run on 2 cores which can be done both automatically in a .dll file (don't remember which one) or by right clicking on the process in your task manager, and set it's affinities to just two of the cores.
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  2. So I tried what you suggested and it restarted like it did before.
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  3. ok... dl GPU-Z, and turn it on, when the game crashes, check out what it says the gpu ram and processor usage is at. if it crashes at 100% utilization on the gpu/vram then you have something funky going on with your drivers. i'd be a bit puzzled, because i have a 1gb 7770GE overclocked a bit, and never had a random crashing issue with ME1.

    just because i don't have an issue though doesn't mean the problem isn't gpu related anyway. so if you're hitting 100% utilization as it crashes, i'd try to reinstall you're gpu drivers.
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  4. So I did what you told me and while I played ME1 I barely got pass 40% load
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  5. Go to properties, compatability, compatability mode, run this program in Windows XP (Service Pack 2) & in 256 colors. Runs fine for me, and still looks pretty.
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  6. Thanks for your response Praedos but I won't go with that suggestion. The problem I'm having isn't that my graphics card can't handle the game. My system is more than capable of handling it. There's something wrong with my hardware or software that's causing it and I want to figure that out more than I want to play the game. I'd rather have a healthy machine.
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  7. Okay, I've been reading around an a common problem is the PSU. I have an XFX pro 550w PSU. Could that be the problem? Is that enough for my system?
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  8. exactly the same problem here. i've a GTX 1050Ti and Thermaltek 530W PSU, and my pc restarts. just the difference is my game is Mass Effect Andromeda :S
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