3 monitors, which should I choose? 60hz, 144hz, 1ms vs resolution

Hello, I'm looking to buy a new monitor Which would be my best option. All seem so good! I currently have a BenQ 24 inch IPS monitor, and it sometimes iritates the snott out of me to get this kind of ghosting. I didn't realize how bad it was till I was playing TF2 and I couldn't kill the Spy because He was always a frame behind what I was looking at. And I know it wasn't my connection.

This one is a 144Hz and has a 1ms response time. I like the refresh rate, but I hear people talk bad about the colors. And I really care about my image quality for single player games.


This one is 24 inches, IPS, and 5ms gtg which I know would cause some ghosting, but the 16:10 ratio and 1920x1200 seems almost worth it


And this one... I like it for the Pixel Pitch @23.6 inches, it's slightly less than a 24 inch (and yes, I can notice the difference) and Images tend to look sharper, it's far cheaper, and It has a 1ms response time.


I'm trying to decide if viewing angles or response time would be more important to me. Can some one help me out. Maybe give me some input, some personal experience
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  1. Oh, and I just found this 27 inch that looks pleasing...

  2. the asus would be better for gaming with its higher refresh rate and lower response time.

    or you could try something like this instead of multi monitor http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=24-005-396&Tpk=lg%20ultrawide ultra widescreen IPS monitor.
  3. I forgot to say I have a $300 budget. But yeah... I would love to buy that monitor... lol
  4. I just watched a few videos and shat my pants! THANK YOU! I guess I gotta get GTX 760 4GB SLI later then...
  5. Hey guys, would this monitor work well too? Also, you think I could push medium settings with a HD 7870 GHz at this resolution?

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