Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 with FX8350

So I'm wondering if i could stick a 8350 in there without cooking my mosfets. I'm not going to overclock before i get a new 990FX mobo. But first i gotta get a new cpu to replace my old Phenom II x3 710 2.6GHz because it's bottlenecking the hell out of my new 7870(i know it's a overkill for 1366x768 but i don't care)... and especially BF3, example on Strike at Karkand, when i look over the city from the highest point i get the same 26-30 fps when on ultra and everything low... i guess it's a bottleneck right? But the main question is if i can run that cpu on my mobo, i already have the latest bios installed. I'm hoping that BF4 will use all 8 cores :)
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  1. IDK, that power pahse looks pretty weak. Maybe you could try and turn a couple of cores off for the time being (don't know if that's possible on amd though). but you'd need to update the bios first don't forget that.
  2. I am searching on google for more info and i came across a site that had all gigabyte boards rated and they say that it can't support 125W TDP Vishera CPUs :( So I'll have to get a new board. Which one to go for? I was thinking about ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 but it's pretty expensive, so i thought about the GIGABYTE GA-990X-UD3, it has 8+2 Power Phase, heatsinked MOSFETs and supports the New FX processors without any problems. But the thing is, i saw many people recommending the 990FX chipsets over 990X even if they are more expensive. They said that you're paying the extra bucks for the extra useful features. I'm not sure what to do... Go for GA-990X-UD3 + FX8350 or Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 + FX8350?
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    The gigabyte is a fine choice
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