FSB, RAM1, RAM2 - all out of sync. Help needed!

I recently added a 1GB DDR1 RAM to my old PC.

Now I've got 2x1GB DDR1 RAM ( I know it's old, but I'm using it as a legacy tweaking machine ). Both of my rams are running at different clocks and have different CL config. I can't change it from the BIOS (I can only change the CL config as a whole - common for both, but I can't do it individually).

SEE THIS:!547&authkey=!AF8riWUTcWbgbVw

One of my RAM (In slot 2) was rated 400MHz but is running at 333MHz. The CL's are different. What to do to get it back on sync. Shall I try out the sync mode in BIOS?
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    If you place a 400Mhz memory stick in a system with a memory stick it will always force the 400Mhz stick to run at 333Mhz. along with the timing values of the 333Mhz memory stick.

    The memory speed and the timings have to be synchronous from one stick to the other/ share the same speed and timing values or you will get errors.
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