GTX 770: Gigabyte Windforce vs MSI Lightning vs MSI Gaming

I'm going to buy a 770 for my first PC build, and I was considering the Gigabyte Windforce 3X OC Edition, which I read positive reviews about.

However, while the case (Bitfenix Raider) will support longer graphic cards, it might provide issues when I want to add a second one down the road.

I don't think the Gigabyte OC'd version will work in SLI with a shorter MSI GTX 770 card, for example?

Would the MSI 770 lighting be a better option to start with? It's about 40 euros more expensive, but it's got a nice factory OC as well and it's short enough to place two of them in the Raider, should I want the extra juice.

Since I'll get the G45 Gaming Motherboard, which apparently can give the MSI Gaming series of Graphics Cards a bit of extra power, I was also considering the 770 version of that one. It's 10 euros cheaper than the Windforce, no OC but like the Lightning it will certainly be short enough to double it at some point.

Which option would you choose? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    I have the MSI GTX770 Gaming and it's very good card. runs very quite and i have a good overclock on it too.
    the overclock doen't make to much difference to game play so far. or not that i can see when playing at 1920x1080.

    so i give the msi gtx 770 gaming my vote
  2. gtx 770 gaming, the only benefit you get from the other cards is "better coolers" witch you wont need if you have a properly ventilated case, and stock overclocking, witch you can do yourself with free software on the internet.
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