Fx 8350 Temps and Overclocking ceiling?

Just a quick question, I've upgraded to an fx 8350 recently on an asus m5a990fx pro r 2.0 and I've also bought an EK waterblocks cooling kit it was the 360mm thick rad version. I've installed all that and wondering what kind of temps you all would expect. I can hit 5Ghz but its not stable in prime for 10mins+ any ideas?
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  1. I just upgraded to the 8350 also, so I started looking for similar information with the intent of overclocking in the coming days and weeks. What I found is that the only consistency in the data out there, is its inconsistency. At default settings, with an Antec Kuhler H2O 920, my CPU runs at 20-22C at idle, and around 30C under load. It seems the max recommended temperature to run the chip is around 60-62C, so as long as the chip is staying under that and is stable, you should be fine at whatever speed you can bump it up to.

    I read one report of a guy overclocking his to 5.3GHz at 75C and it worked, but I certainly don't recommend getting your chip to temps that high as it will reduce the life of the chip by a TON. 4.8GHz seemed to be a common speed that people were going for with relatively normal cooling setups, although you can find several videos of some extreme water or liquid nitrogen cooling rigs that would probably allow higher.
  2. Those are nice temps, I've been running at 5ghz for the past few weeks and it's completely stable on everything I throw at it besides prime. I get about 54c underload so I guess I'm doing good. I have benched it on cinebench once at 5.3 though, but that sure did make me sweat haha.
  3. Yeah, I'd be sweating that too :D

    I'm planning on working mine up slowly in .2-.3 GHz bumps, but I doubt I'll go much further than 4.8 GHz just to make sure I don't damage anything. I've done some overclocking here and there in the past, but this is going to be my first real attempt since I have RAM and graphics cards that will let me overclock them also. Suffice to say, I'm glad I have a case with tons of fans, a water cooler and a 1300W PSU!
  4. Just increase a lil voltage for 5ghz and u ll get it stable

    And 54c is a really good temp
  5. Is. 1.5 too high? What should I usually stop around?
  6. Yes 1.5 is quite high i would never cross 1.48

    I would say if its that high try a lil lowering it
  7. Another thing, does using the cpu bus or the multiplier produce better overclocking? Or any tips on what to set what too
  8. this wud help u
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    Insainity said:
    Another thing, does using the cpu bus or the multiplier produce better overclocking? Or any tips on what to set what too

    The highest stable OC I have seen was 5.556 GHz, and oddly, it was unstable around 5.0-5.2 and once he got on the other side of ~5.2 it was stable again.

    His overclock is multiplier set to 22 and bus overclocked to where his actual multiplier is up to ~253 instead of 200.

    Though I have seen it go both ways, you can get there either way. You could overclock your Northbridge to 2400 pretty easily...they did that for the FX 9XXX series CPUs...

    EDIT: He does have an elaborate evaporative cooling setup that was pricey too. His vcore I want to say was somewhere around 1.49-1.56 IIRC.
  10. My whole goal was to beat or match the cinebench scores for the fx 9590, and I have 2 other questions, if anyone uses hardware monitor, it shows 2 cpu temps one being about 15-20c higher than the other, could I have a explaination on that, and is it possible for a watercooling loop to be too short because if it is, mine most definatively is.
  11. The lower temp is the socket temp, the higher temp is the core temp...
  12. Alrighty then thanks! :D
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