Upgrade to PRo or down grade to Win7 Pro

Hello All,

Does anyone have any experience here of upgrade paths in windows. If i was to get some cheap laptops meeting the spec's required but not the features, is it possible to upgrade 8 to pro at what cost?

Or possibly downgrade to another edition such as win 7 pro for the domain features, that seems unlikely?


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    I don't think there is a formal in-place upgrade path from Win8 to Win8 Pro - I think you can jump the shark by going Win8 to Win8.1 Pro (when it releases in a few months) without having to wipe and reload but I believe you would have to purchase an upgrade key from Microsoft. Microsoft's licensing schema has only gotten more complicated over the last 2 years - it's so much worse at the server level. If I were you, I would wipe and reload - I know it feels like doing surgery with a broad sword but you know exactly what you're getting instead of following the guidelines and then screaming when it doesn't work correctly.

    Just my two bits...
  2. Im also considering getting a volume of keys and starting from there. I note sure what discount i would get though i suppose it depends on the amount purchased.
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