thoughts on upgrading my pc

hi there I want to upgrade my pc.
I bought it for the house but now I would like to upgrade it.

I only play league of legends so what would be the best way to upgrade this

ASUS CM1435-NR007S
AMD A8-5500 3.2GHz Quadcore, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD, Radeon HD7560D, DVD±RW
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  1. I would upgrade the Video Card. If you need/want suggestions please tell us your budget.... We will also need to know what resolution you want to play in.
  2. seems it's quite enough except maybe the gfx is a little bit weak.

    So u've 8GB RAM. Could u open the side panel of the rig and figure sth out for us:

    1. How many RAM modules are installed? If there is two, your gfx may max out imo.But if there is only one, use CPU-Z to figure out the speed, the brand and the model of this single memory and if possible, buy another exactly same one to plug in another slot.

    2. Find the label of your PSU, take a picture and share it to us, or just figure out how many amps output on 12V rail. So we could figure out if is powerful enough to handle another HD 6570/6670 gfx to form dual graphic (hybrid crossfire) w/ the integrated GPU
    We're appreciated if u can provide us these details.
  3. doesn't matter really something mid range the isn't gonna destroy my computer, what ever resolution will run the game best, it doesn't bother me.
  4. sorry man im new to this stuff, were do I find out about the ram modules
  5. so...use CPU-Z to detect if there is two RAM modules installed.

    But surely u could manage to find the PSU label and see the description, act. u don't need to remove any parts just remove the side panel
  6. nope its just one installed.

    ive taken a photo of the psu but cant find the stupid cord to upload the photo
  7. Best answer
    cuz if there is only one RAM module installed, Dual Channel memory couldn't be enabled. For everyday use it's fine but since ur HD 7560D take system RAM the speed will be halved compared w/ Dual Channel RAM. (e.g. ur RAM speed is 1600mhz, Dual Channel can provide u 25.6GB/s memory bandwidth while Single can give u only 12.8Gb/s, it will severely restrain ur gfx performance.) So that's why i recommend u to install another 8GB memory. It's the best if u could buy another exactly same RAM, by reading the model and the brand of this RAM u've installed, through CPU-Z; otherwise at least buy another 8GB RAM, whose spec is the MOST similiar w/ ur old RAM and enable Dual Channel memory.

    So if u could enable dual channel memory, ur gfx will be equal w/ GT 430 or HD 5570, which is better off by gaming. (but if it's single channel ur IGP is as worse as HD 6470 or GT 610, which are notorious low-end unplayable gfx )

    Find a way to upload the photo and show us the link, or u could directly tell us how many amps(A) output on ur 12V rail.
  8. I found this out
    Power Supply
    350 W Peak
    300 W

    so what low end decent graphic cards could handle this
  9. ddr3 8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 803MHz (5-5-5-15), what is the most similar or the same as this one ?
  10. HD 6670 GDDR5 should be OK for Dual Graphics, or HD 7750 GDDR5 which has good graphic performance but couldn't DG w/ HD 7560D.

    Ur RAM only got 800mhz? generally ur RAM should be 1333/1666 mhz. U could try using AIDA64 to get the real model and brand of ur RAM.
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