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I received my Sager NP8270s today. I opened it up, turned it on to make sure the screen was good and everything was functioning. The backlit keyboard was vibrant blue and fully functional. I shut down, replaced the HDD with an SSD. Installed windows 8, installed all drivers included with the laptop. I noticed the drivers on the site for the "hotkey" program was updated to 8.0123. The one i had on the cd was v 8.0114. I installed the newest driver, along with updating windows 8. Now when i try to use any of the functions on the keyboard involved with the backlighting, i get an error message. The lights do not turn on. Any ideas?
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  1. Does putting hte HDD back in and booting from it fix the problem? Does unistalling the newer drivers and putting the ones on disc work?
  2. Haven't tried switching the HDD yet. When i installed the disk driver, i was able to use hotkey functions, just no keyboard backlight will come one. When i use the newer driver i get a "Microsoft .NET Framework" error.
  3. Then it probably needs some verson of .net installed. Does it say what version? It's hard to figure that out sometimes if it doesn't tell you because there are 5 versions of .net that don't always work well with the other versions and even though you may have 4.5 installed and it's supposed to be backwards compatible, sometimes you need 2.0 or something installed.

    I would look on your disc for the .net framework and install it from there as it should be the same version needed by the software you downloaded from the site.
  4. I couldn't find any .net framework on the CD. And the error message did not specify. I have done all the windows 8 updates including the .net framework ones. The lights will turn on during start up, but as soon as i go to use a hotkey to change it or something it goes out and stays out, with both drivers of hotkeys.
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