1.63tb out of 4tb external hard drive? help!

Hi all
i bought a 4tb 3.0 usb touro external from newegg which i planned to take out and use as an internal harddrive in my PC. After destroying the enclosure and putting it into my PC as a second internal and formatting it, it only pops up as having 1.63tb of space. there is no unallocated space or anything anywhere. i'ved disk management (even partition master) and can't find the remaining space anywhere! It worked fine when it was an external (with 3.5tb space) so that unallocated space is hiding somewhere...but i dont know how to get it back. Any tip or information will be greately appreciated. Also the hard drive has been formatted with GPT also, it just shows 1.61tb and nothing else. any tip or help will be greately appreciated!

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  1. i know for some motherboards you have to install software so it can recognize larger than 3tb drives. what kind of pc are you using? mainly what motherboard?
  2. thanks for the quick reply - this is the computer i am using and this is the motherboard it comes with it.

    Dell Optiplex 780 Small Form Factor SFF Motherboard - 3NVJ6 03NVJ6 CN-03NVJ6

    Dell Model: Optiplex 780

    Part Number: 3NVJ6 03NVJ6 CN-03NVJ6

    Product Specifications

    Integrated: Intel graphics media accelerator X4500 up to 256 MB shared video memory (total system memory greater than 512 MB)

    Discrete: PCI Express x16 slot supports either a PCI Express card or a DVI add-on card (for dual-monitor support)

    Integrated: Intel high definition audio


    Integrated: Intel integrated network interface card capable of 10/100/1000 Mb/s communication

    System Information

    Chipset: Intel® Q45 Express chipset w/ICH10DO
    DMA channels: eight
    Interrupt levels: 24
    BIOS chip (NVRAM): 64 Mb

    Expansion Bus

    Bus type:

    PCI 2.3
    PCI Express 2.0
    SATA 1.0A and 2.0
    USB 2.0

    Bus speed: PCI:

    133 MB/s
    PCI Express:
    x1-slot bidirectional speed — 250 MB/s
    x16-slot bidirectional speed — 8 GB/s
    SATA: 1.5 Gbps and 3.0 Gbps
    eSATA: 3.0 Gbps
    USB: 480 Mbps

    is there a way for my computer to read the hard drive or am i sh*t out of luck? thanks again!
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    do some searching on there (enter your service tag for machine specific drivers) and see if dell offers one, if not im not sure where else to go for it
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