CPU Temp getting high / Overheating

Hi guys, new to this forum but seen a lot of solutions and hopefully someone can help me with this.

I recently was playing Planetside 2 (or IL2 CoD) cant remember but as i was playing my PC shut off and started up again as if the power had cut (which it hadn't) i did some research and found that this could be because my CPU was overheating, i linked this to the fact i had installed my new GTX670 2 days ago and maybe the CPU was getting too hot because of the graphics being produced and it couldn't stay cool

Anyway after research i thought id start monitoring my temps and found that my temps (non gaming 0-10%) were 50-60 or high 40s, when i entered any game, minecraft/PS2/IL2 ect the temps were hitting 80c - 90c i think it actually got to 97c at one point. i tried lowering the setting on games to see if that would help but to no avail.

i decided i put my old GPU (GT 520) in and check and it was the same, still going up to the 80c -90c while trying to play and around 50c - 60c on desktop or youtube. (My GPU Temps were fine in games 30c-40c maybe 50c+ sometimes)

I decided i take off the stock cooler and check for dust, not too much blew it off and still a decent amount of thermal paste and put it back on. no change from that. Its all fitted properly too.

Would getting a new cooler fix this, is the stock not able to handle the GTX670, is the stock cooler broken? I had it for about a year and a half now. is it possible that the one overheat has damaged a sensor or the CPU making it hot?


Intel i7 2600k Sandy Bridge
Stock Intel Cooler
AS-ROCk h67m-ge
16Gb ram
EVGA GTX670 Signature 2 FTW Edition
Corsair G600 PSU

any other specs required ask ill get them
cant think of anything else at the moment

Thanks - Dylan
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    planetside 2 and minecraft are very cpu intensive, when you put the heatsink back on did you clean and replace the thermalpaste?

    you want to clean the old paste off and re apply it by placing a small rice grain amount to the centre of the cpu and place the heatsink down, give is some light twists and do not lift it off again at all or you will need to clean the paste and start over, once the heatsink is down and you done a few twists immediately clamp it.
  2. What case do you own?
  3. ill try getting some thermal paste, not got any left, will it make a big difference though?, i have a CIT Vantage MidiMesh case i believe

    Thanks for the rapid reply
  4. ill try getting some thermal paste, not got any left, will it make a big difference though?, i have a CIT Vantage MidiMesh case i believe

    Thanks for the rapid reply
  5. Get MX4 thermal paste.
  6. ok i will get that, either ill order it or see if i can get it from the nearest PC store
  7. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    Thermal Compound: Arctic Cooling MX4 4g Thermal Paste ($7.50 @ SuperBiiz)
    Total: $7.50
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-08-14 09:43 EDT-0400)
  8. 1:No i have not set it to overclock
    2:I dont know my room temp, it doesnt feel hot or cold :P but ill try and find out
    3:CIT Vantage Midi Mesh
    4: 3 Fans, 2 pulling air in from the side of the case, 1 at the front pulling air in, a vent at the back of the PC but no fan there just a grid of holes. nothing on top or the right side(Behind Motherboard)
    5: I have a top mounted PSU and its fan is facing downwards
  9. change one of your fans so its on the back of the case removing hot air.

    you should try to balance intake and outlet fans in your case otherwise you will have poor airflow.
  10. You need a rear fan = exhaust to get some positive air flow. :D
  11. alright the problem is they both run off of one cable not sure if i can move them, they are designed with the case i will have a look
  12. alright ill see what i can do
  13. ok my fans are both conecting to a small green board with a 3 pin white connector which then leads out from a 2 pin connecting cable with a 4 pin molex on the end, dont thing i can take on off and mount it on the back, unless i get a 3 pin to molex maybe? is that possible/worth it? should i buy a new fan?
  14. my PSU has Molex, SATA, PCI-E most cables i believe

    Fan Splitters
  16. ok so buying a new cooler is not neccesary, i should:

    Move a fan to the rear as an exaust
    Replace thermal paste (Mx4)

    what about cable management, Could that be a large problem? it feels to me like my main source of air is from the side as ive had do move the corsairs THICK cables towards the front of the case, and the front fan really doesnt do much because of the case design.

    so could i:

    Move the front fan from the front to the make making it an exaust and then just have the 2 sides and rear fan.?
    Modify the case so it has a vent in top to let air out?

    Cable management is at its best due to the amount of spare cables and non modular PSU and other large components also meaning the front fan has a reduced effect
  17. ""It sounds like the fans are either on a splitter or speed controller.
    A new fan is the most practical. If you don't have a 3 or 4-pin fan connector on your motherboard besides the CPU fan header, the only other way it seems besides a new fan + splitter or extension cable is popping out the small 3-pin connector, and removing the power and ground pins and forcing them into a molex. I do this all the time with old PCs to make the CPU fan quieter. They are set to 12v, the molex has both a 12v (yellow) and a 5v (red) and 2 grounds in the middle (black). If you take a small flathead and pop the red and black fan wires out of the small 3-pin and place the red in a yellow (for maximum speed; louder) or red (quieter) and the black in a black then you can move the fan anywhere you need it as long as the molex reaches it. This won't harm the PSU or fan as long as the leads are not touching anything else. You can do this temporarily until your new fan arrives.""

    not too comfortable rewiring things as i will propably screw somthing up big time ect :P but ill see about buying a 3 pin to molex adapter and getting a new fan. im gonna see if there is actually a spare 3 connecter anywhere

    EDIT: it seems there is a 3 pin socket next to where the CPU fan is connected mayby i could use that?

  18. Here some pro artwork that gives a rough idea, and ill try setting this up now :)
  19. ok problem: The 3 pin wire cant reach the plug unless he fan is set to suck air in would it be ok to make the side fan blow air out? so i can have that as an exaust?
  20. so have an intake and exaust side by side on the... side haha? so annoying as the cable doesnt reach by about 5 mm XD
  21. so have an intake and exaust side by side on the... side haha? so annoying as the cable doesnt reach by about 5 mm XD
  22. so have an intake and exaust side by side on the... side haha? so annoying as the cable doesnt reach by about 5 mm XD
  23. Is doing that really worth it?
  24. plug the 3 pin fan into the motherboard instead, there should be 3 pin fan connectors on your motherboard for case fans.
  25. Yea i tried but the fan cable isnt long enough when its facing that way by about 5mm :(
  26. ok, i did what you said and made 1 side fan exaust and 1 intake seems to be cooler on desktop but cant play anything as expected

    What ill do is replace the thermal paste and see if i can get a new fan for the back
    if these dont help enough for whatever reason should i resort to getting a new cooler??

    thanks for the help
  27. Any fan recommendations (120mm) not too expensive
  28. oh if it molex its fine, ive plenty of them and some cable range so ill report back tommorow after aplplying thermal paste and adding the fan. thanks to all that helped today
  29. yea thats what i saw, orderd it so should be ok
  30. Quick question, should i spread the paste or let the cooler squish it out?
  31. wow, how interesting, although the perfect spread only made half a degree difference haha also like the smiley face :) thanks, i think ill play it safe and just do a smooth spread, not wanting to screw it up as im a complete amateur, and because i am i hav e another questions

    What should i use to spread it ? is just a butter knife ok? (smooth edge)
  32. hmm alright, ill just do the dot
  33. don't spread it just do the dot method, you get the same results for less hassle and it will spread more evenly since not all heat spreaders are perfectly flat so pre-spreading wont necessarily give you perfect contact like the pea method.
  34. I recently had the same issue, CPU was overheating fast, removed the heat sink and cleaned, was a little better but was still sitting at 78 deg C when under load.
    Checked the fans, added a chassis fan, and found the casing fan was sucking air into the casing, turned this around and now the temp sits at 58 deg C under load.
    Just an idea!!

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