GA-990fxa-ud3 SLI not working

please can some one help me with this im am clueless as to how i apply the bios update for this board i have all the right hardwar dual gtx 660 bridged up to
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    I don't think you need a bios update, though, you never know. What do you mean clueless? Look here for the instructions:

    Look here for the bios (use the latest non-beta, version F9):

    And are the cards in the slots named PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX16_2? Should be the top 2 ones.

    Can you post your specs?

    Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD3
    GPUs: 2x GTX 660
  2. anyone got any ideas? lol
  3. right i have a phenom 2 x4 965
    64-bit win 8
    850w coolermaster psu
    running on a 120 ocz ssd

    after some reading i have updated my bios to version FE it is the 1.2 rev version of the board
    i done that manually and then checked it via @bios
    i have tryed multiple SLI bridges and as of yet no luck
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