Old Asus ESATA external hard drive will they work

I have an older model Asus G50V laptop that I am recording video to. I was wondering since my laptop (which has a ESATA port on the side) is so old I'm sure this ESATA port is an ESATA1 style port which external hard drive would work with this. I only have USB 2.0 ports so I definitely don't want to go with that I would rather go with ESATA but is the newer ESATA drives gonna work I don't want to create more headaches than it's worth.

Computer info
Windows Vista home premium SP2
Asus G50V notebook
Intel Core2Duo CPUU T5750 @ 2.0Ghz
4 GB ram
64 Bit OS
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  1. shouldn't have any issues using newer drive on it , just as if it was an internal sata3 drive plugged into a motherboards sata1 port
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    New Esata enclosures should be backward compatible to the 1st generation of Esata ports.
    Also, you can get a USB3 expresscard (Fresco Logic is the only good one) for that laptop, with a theoretical bandwidth of 266MB/s (expresscard 1.0).
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