Need advice on Sapphire HD7850 vs. Powercolor HD7870

I'm going to upgrade from Sapphire HD6850 and at my local store I found these two cards with reasonable prices. My first choice was Sapphire, since I read a lot of good reviews on Sapphire but seeing a 7870 with a good price (only $20 more expensive), I'm confused. I'm playing games with the resolution of 1920x1080.

What would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

Powercolor HD7870
Sapphire HD7850
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    Buy the strongest graphics card that your psu and wallet will permit.
    In this case, the 7870. If you find a similarly performing GTX660 at a good price, that is an option too.
  2. Buying a sapphire card will give you better cooling meaning more room for overclocking but if your not really into overclocking and the price difference isn't much of a problem then go with the HD7870 from powercolor both are really great cards for the price
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