An emergency help needed on windows xp please help....

So, becuase of somewhat slow system, I installed windows xp on my pc through usb.
Here are the steps I followed :
I just made a fat16 bootable usb of windows xp and followed the instructions of 1st text mode setup and 2nd gui.
Windows installed successfully and after rebooting for settings etc., (without selecting to boot from usb) it showed up with something like this :'windows could not load ntoskrnl.dll' it was something like this.
Then, I rebooted the system and tried to boot from usb, then I started to select debug mode rdisk 1 partiton 3 (I installed windows on P3) and windows booted up.
So, there's the problem --- whenever I try to boot from HDD, there comes up the ntoskrnl error, and when I try from usb > debug mode > rdisk 1 partition 3, windows boots up.
So, can someone please help me ?? what's the problem ? and what's the solution ???
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  1. Why are you trying to install XP from a USB port rather than a DVD drive as it's supposed to be installed?
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    Best solution would be to install Windows XP from DVD as it is meant to be installed from. Windows 7 is easy to install from USB but XP was never designed to be installed that way. All of your problems would be gone by just running the install from the bootable DVD.
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