Brand new 16gb ram alienware laptop.. memory usage 100% .. ?!


I bought a new laptop its brand new.. i just finished installing most of my things..

At random time, i hear my laptop fans and when i check the process manager my physical memory reach close to 100% usage... however when I check the process manager, nothing there would account for all that usage...

I got 16gb ram, if i calculated the software open on the task manager it would only account for like 4gb of ram maximum.

I have same software open when it show 5gb ram usage, and when it decide to peak to 16gb...

Right now its showing only 5gb ram and I got everything open. ( Everything i use : World of Warcraft, Firefox, skype, etc)

I cant provide screenshot of it when it spike to 100% usage because It didnt do it since few mins now, as soon as it do it i will add screenshot of my process.

But my process dont show nothing over 700mb usage so there no reason for it to go to 100% usage.
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  1. probably os system cache
  2. its normal os system cache dont show in process even if i clicked on show process of all users?

    Why would OS System cache use all my ram ??
  3. Same laptop but 8gb here 7,9gb in use not even in the taskmanager or anything
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