The application was unable to start correctly Error 0xc0000005

I have this error when trying to open ANY program on my other computer. When rebooting there was an update which had issues installing. I tried to look up the answer to this problem and I found something about inserting Windows 7 CD and then rebooting and instead of instal, to click on repair. (I have the CD but I don't think it's the same CD that I used originally to install windows). Although the repair option doesn't appear anywhere and Just goes through the regular instalation steps.
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  1. Same issue after installing Windows Update today 8/14/2013.
    One update for Internet Explorer didn't install.
    From what I've read so far it looks like DEP - Data Execution Prevention problem.
    Only very few programs are able to start.
    I tried to do a System restore to an earlier date but it failed.

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    I posted this in the other thread, but just in case, here you go:
    I managed to uninstall the hot-fixes and system is working now. Couldn't do it from within the OS though.
    Here is what I did:
    - Run windows install disk
    - select repair instead of Install
    - now you need to get to this screen and select last option
    There will be a tool for uninstalling hotfixes, have to go through and find them as they are not sortable by date.
    Good luck.
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