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When I was using my computer, mouse and keyboard suddenly did not work but the screen is still going, i.e. watching an video.

Then I rebooted and tried to go to BIOS to see what's going on. But I couldn't as keyboard had no response.

Then before seeing the Windows logo, it beeped once shortly. In total, counting the 1st short beep at the beginning, there were 2 short beeps during startup.

After going to the Windows login interface, mouse and keyboard had no response. I am sure they both work well in another computer.

Actually, the sound card had been broken because the instability of power supply of the transformer which has been replaced. Does it what is happening to mouse and keyboard? Will some hardware suddenly become incompatible to mouse and keyboard? Or does it mean the motherboard needs to replace? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hi,

    Onboard sound card defective, usb / ps2 port for mouse and keyboard defective, sounds like you have a dying motherboard.
  2. How to test whether the motherboard is unworkable?
  3. You need to replace it or RMA if still under warranty
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