Best motherboard for gaming purpose!2 options=which is the best?

Hi everyone i want to know what of these 2 motherboards are the best for gaming purpose and some video editing!
Im between asus sabertooth z87 for i7 4770k
Gigabyte z77x-ud5h for i7-3770k
And if anyone knows what is the better inside sound card perfomance i would be pleased to know.
Please justify the reasons aswell.
Addicional information
Graphic card=Gtx 760 4Gb
4gb 3dram
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  1. The best would be a 4670k + Asrock Xtreme 4/ MSI Z87GD65, use the extra $150-$200 or so and get a GTX 770. Gaming wise, you do not need an i7, some video editing means you do not need an i7 too.
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    personally I always get the cheaper motherboards. There are a lot of highly rated motherboards in the $60-$80 range.

    Your priorities for gaming performance are GPU then CPU, then RAM and Storage as a distant 3rd/4th place. Motherboard and PSU are more for durability & features. Yes they can be expensive, but generally you're buying more ports or features, more cooling, more stable power supply, etc. Very important stuff, but nothing that correlates strongly with performance.

    Really most of the cost of a mobo over $100 comes providing hardcore SLI/crossfire for 2, 3, 4 card set ups. If you are going with a strong, single card (always the better choice) than I'd definitely do something like vinhn is mentioning. Get a great single board & put the money into an awesome GPU.. It's just an outright better use of the budget. You will get pretty much the same stability as long as you pick a high quality, trusted and reviewed board, no matter ~$60 or ~200.
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