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Can I install my programs on a separate drive than the one the OS is on?

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  • Windows 7
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August 14, 2013 10:50:04 AM

I have a 125GB SSD, that I installed Windows 7 64-bit, and all my programs on. I generally keep all data on a separate drive. Still somehow, with all of the windows updates, it keeps filling up, and I have to wipe it out once a year and start over. This is usually good for a while, but inevitabley, it gets full of junk.

I was looking into buying a bigger SSD, but I was wondering if I can just buy a another 125GB, and keep the OS on one, and install programs on the other. My guess is its best to all do off one drive, but I just thought I'd ask.

Thanks in advance.

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August 14, 2013 10:53:17 AM

Yes you can and it can be a traditional hard drive as well. Depending on the program you might notice that it doesn't load as fast.

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August 14, 2013 11:39:01 AM

Yes, you can, at least for most programs you will get an option on where to install the program.

I would think the best option would be to clone your current ssd to a 240gb ssd and be done with it.
Secure erase your 120gb ssd and market it.

Another option would be to add a second ssd and create a 240gb raid array. This works, I have tried it in the past.
It is not an option I recommend. You are exposed to more failures, and the performance is no better than a single larger drive.
If you are not running Intel raid with updated drivers, trim may not work.
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January 8, 2014 12:15:15 PM

i have a question to add to this, how do 32 bit and 64 bit program work if installed into a directory located on your second SSD (not the SSD that your OS is installed to)?

example: SSD1 contains OS running 64 bit. i want to keep that SSD1 isolated to OS only! now i want to install BF4. CPU and GPU intensive and running 64 bit. can i just install this (BF4) to my SSD2? obviously I can but the question is, does it run the same is if running out of the 64 bit program files folder in my C: drive on my SSD1?

January 8, 2014 1:06:44 PM

Yes it runs with not problem. I got a free game when I got my NVIDIA GPU (Metro Last Light). I put it on my WD 2TB HDD and it ran with out any problems at all.
January 8, 2014 1:33:05 PM

Alan_G said:
Yes it runs with not problem. I got a free game when I got my NVIDIA GPU (Metro Last Light). I put it on my WD 2TB HDD and it ran with out any problems at all.

i know it will run no worries. ive done it with lots of programs and games in the past. the question is do programs run as smoothly as if its installed in the 64 bit program files folder on C: drive. is there a difference in how the program runs speed wise? another example would be rendering photos or videos. i do light hobby editing and my rig can rip through renders like a breeze, but will it perform the same if installed to a separate drive? do i need to make some sort of special file to be installing these programs to on the sperate drive or can i just make a plain new file and start installing to it?