Using Professional and Gaming GPU in crossfire/SLI?

So I would like to get a a good cheap professional GPU because I am an engineering student and do some work in Solidworks as well as some other similar applications so I was thinking of getting the AMD FirePro v4900 or the V3900. I would also like to game and was thinking about getting the GeForce GTX 670. Is it possible to get both and run them in CrossFire/SLI or would I have to buy two separate monitors and run each one seperatly on their own monitor. Or could I get away with only buying one of them.
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    Well you can't Crossfire/SLI at the same time and it has to be matching GPU series. Workstation cards won't SLI or Crossfire with their gaming counterparts.

    You can have both plugged in at the same time. As long as you specify which hardware to use in each program you can run dual graphics cards.
  2. JackNaylorPE said:

    But the 7970 GE is twice the money and only a little better than the 4900
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