HD 7770 or GTx 650 ti or HD 7790

Looking to get a graphics card i have been looking at the 7770, 7790, 650 and 650ti (the are all 1GB versions) which card will let me play games like BF3, Farcry 3 etc ... With decent Fps on atleast medium-high settings?
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  1. The stock 7790 is a hair faster(depends on game) than the stock 650 ti.

    Overall the 650 ti and 7790 are very well matched.
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    All cards are comparable. It would take a synthetic benchmark to detect any difference.
    The 7790 and GTX650ti are probably a bit stronger.
    Take your pick if you have a favorite graphics vendor.
    Do not anguish about the decision, buy the best graphics card your budget and PSU will allow.
    The graphics card is the real engine for gaming.
  3. GTX 650 Ti.
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