Windows 7 Not Working Properly (x86 and x64) HP Touchsmart tx2-1150ep

I have a HP touchsmart pc, has titled before.
It came with Windows Vista Home Premium.
I thought it was time for a upgrade to Windows 7, because windows Vista is probably the worst windows ever.
But anyways, i just installed windows 7 and know what: It says in some apps that the file isn't compatible with that version of windows(i tried 64 and 32 versions in the both 32 and 64 Windows) and in some programs the window just gone in less than half second. Please help me, i need this pc up and running so i can use it again!!! :)
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  1. Which programs are you trying to install that are giving you this issue? If they are drivers it's probably because that system was never intended to use windows 7.
  2. Let me see... AVG Internet Security Trial, Google Chrome,Office 2010 Pro, oh well... All the necessary programs to have a good, equilibrated and safe pc... I don't know how can i fix that. I don't want to go back to Vista, it is horrible!!! Btw i downloaded home premium (i was using my win 7 ultimate disc) to try it with a trial key but it didn't work. Please help me fast!!!
    I can't even open drivers designed for that version of win 7 and for this pc model :/
  3. So... Nobody!? :??:
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