RAM speed: is the difference between 1600 or 2400 MHz important?

I'm building a new gaming/HTPC system and I was told not to waste money on "fancy" RAM. But is the difference between 1600 MHz and 2400 MHz RAM important? (The cost difference is about $40) I plan to overclock my Core i7 4770K to 4.4 - 4.6 GHz.

Thanks for your reply.
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  2. no it is not important........the difference will only be in 0.0001 seconds
  3. If you are gamer, in CPU-intensive gaming (source or unreal engine), difference between 1333MHz and 2400MHz can be very significant (+12fps). Ofc, in case your CPU or GPU are not bottlenecks. Check link below for detailed real-world testing (not hypothetical speed):

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